About WTK Photography

WTK Photography was started in 2007. Documentary photographer Wesley Townsend Kitten has experience in wedding photography, portraits, photojournalism, aerial photography and videography, and event photography. Wesley has attended both Brooks Institute of Photography and Academy of Art University for documentary photography. He has worked for a talent agency shooting head shots and modeling shots. For two summers, he served as the documentary photographer for a nonprofit inner city home repair organization in Memphis, TN. He was the staff photographer for Vetted Word, a creative community of poets, writers, and musicians in San Francisco, CA. In Waco, TX, he worked as a marketing photographer for McLennan Community College as well as shooting projects for RBDR Architects. Since 2007 he has also operated his own photography business shooting weddings, portraits, and events. In addition, he is certified by the FAA to do commercial work with a drone. Wesley currently lives in Marion, IN.

“For me, photography is something I have to do. My mind thinks photographically. My eyes see everything as a possible photograph and the camera becomes a natural extension of who I am. After years of an interest in photography, it has developed into something more than a passion. There is so much joy when I capture those decisive moments. Or when I can produce a photo that matches the idea I had in my head. I document life to share life with others. Even when I don’t have a camera with me (which is very rare), I am taking mental snapshots and thinking how I can come back and capture what I saw. I am blessed to have access to so many wonderful artists who always inspire me to improve and to view the world around me with different eyes. I started WTK Photography to fulfill my passion of photography, to give you wonderful photos of life’s most memorable events or those simple, everyday moments.  I didn’t just randomly pick photography up as a hobby. I made a decision to perfect it. I attended two schools and dedicated two and a half years to improve my craft. I have studied under working professionals including a Pulitzer Prize winner. I brought them assignments I worked on and they told me to go out and do it again because they knew I could do better. Through this I have become a perfectionist with my work and I believe I can bring you better images and better service than many other photographers. One of the reasons I chose to specialize in weddings is the amount of story there is. There are the big moments and there are the little moments. I work hard to capture all of them so I can help you remember that day in great detail with quality images. If you are interested in my services head over to the Contact page and send me a message. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have the pleasure of working with you very soon!”
-Wesley T Kitten